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Dental Secretary Training CourseWhy enroll with us?

  • We are a dental placement agency; we will look for the best job placement for you after graduation. And it will be free for you (no fee, no deductions from your salary).
  • All of our teachers are presently working as dental clinic coordinators.
  • Our teachers are bilingual.
  • Small groups – individual attention given to each student
  • We can provide you with references from well known Dental Clinics and our graduated students
  • These courses are being offered because of a high demand for dental secretaries with a certificate for the dental profession.

We’ve been around long enough to appreciate the specifics of each individual dental clinic. Our knowledge will help you get the job that will satisfy your employment goals. Whether you want temporary or permanent placement, we will save you the time, energy, and frustration of finding the right job.

For dentistsOur agency provides reliable means to connect you with a rich pool of qualified candidates. Therefore, when a shortage of staff occurs, you are invited to notify Connections Dentaires that a temporary or permanent employee is needed. We will then search for potential candidates that meet your rquirements using our unique placement information system.

All of our current job offers can be found on the Emploi-Québec website. Click below to see all of our offers or to search for a specific position type.

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Anna Polinchkov (18-25 years)
“I used to work as a receptionist in a gym but I did not like the job I was doing. So I decided to try something new. I signed up for a dental secretary course so I could work in a more prestigious environment. After graduation I passed my training course in a clinic and stayed there as a permanent employee. Some time later my family situation changed and I needed a different working schedule. So I contacted Connections Dentaires and again they found me the right job.”’

Rocchina Visconti (54 years of age)
‘I left my employment after 38 years due to offshore outsourcing of IT services during difficult economic times. At that point, I was ready for a career change and Connections Dentaires provided me with the proper training and helped me to search for a job as dental secretary based on my particular requirements.’


Alicia Alfonso (20-25 years of age)
‘’I worked in the CLSC as a medical secretary for couple of years. It was not the environment that I desired; I wanted something more clean and stable. I did not see any possible growth in this career. I was ready for something else. Since I was volunteering, I had limited working hours. After the course, 2 weeks to be more precise, Dental Connections found me exactly what I was looking for.’’

Suzanne Fry (25-30 years of age)
“I have 3 kids, so I am very limited in working hours. I decided to take the course to become a dental secretary. After receiving my diploma I found myself a job in a paediatric clinic in West Island. I think that everything is possible whatever the situation is.”’
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