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Exceldent Clinical Management

The modern dental clinic presents many challenges in its administration. Most dental practices are nowadays fully computerized and equipped with clinical management software that fulfills the task of assisting the Dental Secretary in administrating the clinic’s operations. It is hence absolutely vital for any dental secretary that wishes to be competitive in the field to demonstrate mastery of the clinical management software used to run the clinic. As most practice management software are very similar in functionality to each other, it becomes extremely easy to adapt to any of then if you master at least one of them.

Our Exceldent Clinical Management course can bring you many valuable skills that will make you extremely competitive when applying for a position as a dental secretary with your newfound computer proficiency. Indeed, dentists regard such candidacies highly and will value candidates with existing knowledge of clinical management software above others, as this reduces the time it takes for the secretaries to adapt to the new clinic greatly.

The course covers the following topics with the use of Exceldent:

*ACDQ Billing
*RAMQ Billing

For registration, you may call our office at 514-723-2333 and set up an appointment to register in person at our office so that you may bring the registration fee, fill out the registration form and choose your course days.